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The 21st annual KIDS COUNT Data Book profiles the well-being of America’s children on a state-by-state basis and ranks states on 10 key measures of child well-being. The KIDS COUNT Data Center contains state-level data for over 100 measures of child well-being, including all the measures regularly used in the national report, KIDS COUNT Data Book.

This easy-to-use powerful online database allows you to generate custom reports for a geographoic area (Profiles) or to compare geographic areas on a topic (Ranking, Maps and Line Graphs), or download the entire data set as delimited text files.

Using the links below, you can directly access Rhode Island-specific data in the following formats:

    Profiles give you detailed information about a single state, the U.S. or D.C.

   Rankings allows you to rank states based on their performance on an indicator.

   Maps provides color-coded maps of the state based on the data.

   Graphs allows you to view indicators graphed over time.

      PDF files allow you to download and view the print version of the Data Book. lets you to browse the Data Book your cell phone's browser.

    The new widget enables you to add data to your website, desktop, or blog.
          (For example, see below).

*KIDS COUNT State-Level Data Online
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